How to Take Care of Your Succulents

Hand with protective glove and pruning shears cutting a boxwoodSucculents are lovely and good looking plants. They are able to sprout leaves that clump together. They have different colors according to various species. Succulents thrive in outdoor places such as gardens but can also be grown indoors. Growing and maintaining the succulents is not a difficult thing to do. You should ensure that you provide favorable conditions for them to thrive.The following are ways on how you can grow and take care of this plant.

You should ensure that you water them accordingly.This is very important for them to grow into healthy plants. Make sure that the soil is completely dry before you water them again.However, do not do it in excess. More water is important during the summer season. Use less water on them during their dormancy stage.For your indoor plants, water more but less frequently. You can buy succulents online here.

Enough sunlight. Sunlight is a vital need for these plants to survive. When the succulents are exposed to the sun, their colors tend to be attractive. Also, for the colors to last longer; you may consider exposing them in the afternoon shade. If you have these indoors, it’s important for them to grow near or facing the window where they can receive at least six hours of sunlight. Also, when the sun is too hot, succulents may experience sunburns which harm them.

Ensure that the soils offer good conditions for them to thrive. the plant grows well in sandy and well-draining soil. The succulents can grow well in little amount of soil. Soil of neutral conditions is favorable for the succulents to grow.For many plants, people tend to use standard soil to grow them. Moreover, this standard sol is not suitable for the succulents since it has poor draining abilities.

They require good temperature and climatic conditions.They need cold nights for them to be healthy.However, extreme cold or winter is not good for them and should be transferred to a greenhouse for shelter.They require warmer temperatures during the summer and cooler temperatures during winter. Extremely cold temperatures will damage them.

Insect infestation damages the plants.It is important for you to make sure that your succulents are free from bugs and insects.Too much moisture tends to encourage the growth of pests and can be avoided by using well-draining soils. Planting too many plants in a single pot can also lead to insects and pests. Check out sempervivums here.

The type of pots tend to play a major role in protecting your plants. Materials such as glazed ceramics do not impose any harm to the plants.Containers such as glass containers are not suitable since they do not help in draining the water. This may cause the soil to be soggy and may cause harm to the plants and also lead to insect infestation. Hence, pots that promote good drainage are good for the planting of the succulents. Click here for more info.